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Video installation
4.17 minutes

Sleeping Beauty in Bits
6m 36s

An autobiographical account of Sleeping Beauty, reworking adaptations of the fairy tale on film and editing it together with home movies, archive footage of South London in the 1990s, and a free online audiobook recording (man’s voice). Woman’s voice: Julia Barrie

Oliver Twist Tries Podcasts
7m 31s

Oliver Twist Tries Podcasts features recordings made in London in 2018, mainly on public transport. These are mixed with clips from the 1948 film Oliver Twist. The piece contrasts certain self help narratives with the daily reality of being part of society.

It invites the listener to think about what is individual and what is shared. It’s also about the joy of being in a city surrounded by other people, in whose worlds you can become briefly immersed.

Broadcast November 2020 on Radiophrenia, radio festival broadcast from CCA, Glasgow

Drawing from Memory
4m 35s

An autobiographical moving drawing, featuring home movies, and exploring childhood memory and the home.

10 people watching a clip on YouTube
2m 20s